Though you sent in many great shots for the “fishing with friends” topic in our ongoing Simms photo contest, there could be only one winner, and that winner is Patrick Willauer, who captured the shot below. “Everyone loves fishing with a buddy,” says Rich Hohne, who is part of the Simms team selecting the weekly winners. “And everyone really loves a double when fishing with a friend.” It’s an excellent shot that just earned Mr. Willauer a new pair of Simms Pursuit GORE-TEX shoes and puts him the grand-prize running for a pair of Simms G3 Guide waders and his photo displayed on


If you want to see if your photo earned a runner-up title in this week’s leg of the contest, click here to check out a gallery of Simms’ 5 favorites.


This week’s photo topic is extreme fishing, which leaves some room for interpretation. Maybe it’s an exotic species in a far-flung location. Maybe it’s your buddy standing on a cliff ledge casting to rising trout. Maybe it’s you wading the Madison in January in a bikini. Take “extreme” and run with it. Email your photos to and check back next Monday to see which one the Simms crew chose as the winner. All “extreme fishing” photos must be received by midnight on May 15th. If you missed them, click here for full contest details.