According to this story on, great white sharks love AC/DC. And not surprisingly, their favorite song is “If You Want Blood.” No kidding. This all came about when Australian shark tour operator Matt Waller decided to try luring sharks to the boat with sound instead of chum. Though Waller experimented with tunes from many rock bands and hip-hop acts using subsurface speakers, the whites seem to enjoy Angus Young and the boys best. But great whites are not the only ones that love some AC/DC.


Call me cheesy, but I’ve been known to blast a little “TNT” or “Thunderstruck” through my boat’s stereo on the way out of the harbor at 5 a.m. Though I guess after reading this article about Waller, I should be blaring it on the shark grounds instead.

F&S’s Dave Maccar is a big fan, citing “Highway To Hell” as his favorite jam. FlyTalk blogger Kirk Deeter digs AC/DC, too. I clearly remember Kirk and I driving through Maine together, and all conversation ceased when “It’s A Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock N’ Roll” (below) popped on the radio. Volume up. Sing-along commenced. I know you’re picturing it.

I love all kinds of music, but is there a better band to get you revved up for a day on the water than AC/DC? I say no. At 4 a.m., “Let There Be Rock” is more powerful than a hot cup of coffee. What do you say? Even if you disagree, turn your computer speakers up, click the video or the links in this post and blast out your office. C’mon…it’s Friday. You can fish tomorrow and this will get you pumped.