In just a few short weeks I’ll be hopping on a plane to Vegas to attend the annual ICAST show where tackle companies unveil all their latest wares. And right on que, my inbox is getting slammed with press releases tipping me off to the goodies I’ll see on the show floor. Today I received one from Castalia Outdoors regarding the Bombshell Turtle (below). Castalia’s catch phrase for this new soft-plastic is “Your Missing Link To Catching More Fish.”


Now I’ve seen soft-plastic lures that mimic everything from snakes to mice to life-size false albacore, but never before have I seen a soft-plastic turtle. In Castalia’s press release, they say:

“Aggressiveness by largemouth bass toward juvenile turtles has been well documented for more than 35 years in films featuring largemouth bass behavior – bringing many to ask, what took so long to make the lure?”

For all I know, these turtles may, in fact, become staples in the bass hunter’s tackle box, but I can state with certainty that in all the lakes, ponds, rivers, and sewer ditches behind the movie theater I’ve fish in my life, I do not ever recall seeing a baby turtle get attacked or yanked under by a bass. For the record, that’s not a knock on the lure. It could be that the bass in my waters don’t like turtles. But what about yours? Have you seen largemouths suck down a turtle here and there?

By the way, if you’re curious about the specs, these baits are three inches long, come in eight colors, and are best fished Texas rigged on a weighted jig hook, according to the company.