Line snapping while fighting a big fish, the guts of a reel coming apart during an epic battle, and the overheat alarm on your outboard are just a few unpleasant fishing sounds I’ve heard more than once. But perhaps there is no more unpleasant sound than your rods buzzing away because there is so much electricity in the air from looming storms. That’s what happened to me, bass pro Ramie Colson, and Dave Brinkerhoff from G.Loomis yesterday on Kentucky’s Lake Barkley. There we were twitching worms over a ledge when almost in unison we stopped and said “did you guys hear that?” I took my camera out long enough to record the sound, then back to the dock we went. This actually happened to me once before in Florida, only the whole tuna tower was buzzing and we did not head back to the dock. If you’ve never experienced this, I hope you don’t because it gives me the heebie-geebies like nothing else.