Some of you, I’m sure, have dreamed of spending a day afield with Ted Nugent, stalking deer or hogs on his sprawling Texas property. Less of you have probably dreamt about doing the same thing with Donald Trump, Jr., but here’s your chance to head to The Nuge’s Waco, TX, compound with both. And this is not just a hunting trip…apparently Uncle Ted has some water on that property, too.

Nugent offered a one-day cast-and-blast to the auction site The value of said trip (which is for you and a guest) is valued at $30,000, and bidding starts on August 8th. Proceeds will benefit the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, which the Trumps work with extensively, hence Donald, Jr. and Eric Trump’s presence on the trip.

Now I’m not exactly sure what kind of fish swim on Nugent’s ranch, but I’d bet there’s a few bass ponds and panfish holes out there. If you’re a fan, this might be the only opportunity to find out if Ted is as wild with a baitcaster as he is with a bow, or if all his reels are custom-painted with zebra stripes. Sounds like fun to me.