Not long ago I posted about VMC’s new and very innovative SpinShot hooks, which make rigging and presenting a drop-shot rig much faster, easier and more effective. The SpinShots, by the way, won the “Best New Terminal Tackle” category at ICAST. But there were other examples of really smart, yet simple, tackle tweaks on the show floor. Take Bullet Weights’ new Tungsten Carolina Rig (below). The whole package weighs the same as the 3/4-ounce brass weight in the photo, yet is more streamlined, lands more softly, and let’s you switch plastics and leader lengths a heck of a lot faster.


As you can see, the wire loops on the ends of the rig let you slide on a small barrel swivel connected to your main line on one side, and another swivel connected to your leader on the other. I noticed right away that these loops do not actually snap shut, which made me wonder if it was possible for the swivels to slip off. According to Bullet Weights CEO Doug Crumrine, the loops never failed during their testing.

With the Tungsten Carolina Rig, you also need not worry about pegging weights, or setting up a bead for the rattle factor. It’s all there in one compact system. These weight rigs will be available in early 2012, and will sell for $4 or $5.