This time of year I’m all about hitting my local rivers for smallmouth, and a large number of the bass I’ll hook will fall to a drop-shot rig. It’s really hard to deny the power of the drop-shot, but it’s not hard to deny that rigging them isn’t exactly as quick and easy as tying on a crankbait. Some days I feel like every time I set my rig with the perfect dropper length and weight distance, I bust the whole thing off by cast number five. But VMC’s new SpinShot hooks might help me reduce my loss significantly while catching more fish.


Here’s how the SpinShot works: Rather than having to tie a hook directly to a leader with a barrel swivel at the top, making sure you leave the right amount of tag end for your weight, the two eyes create easy attachment points for the main line and weight leader below. Part of the SpinShot’s benefit is that hung weights should only break the leader to the bottom hook eye, saving you from having to tie a whole new rig.

More importantly, however, the hook spins freely on its post, thus eliminating the need for the separate barrel swivel. That means your line won’t twist and your lure gets a lot more action. It’ll also helps you land more bass by reducing pressure during a fight since the hook will spin with the fish. I’d say the SpinShot is a great example of a tiny improvement that can make a big difference in presentation. VMC is selling them in six sizes, and they’ll cost you $4 for a pack of five. Look for SpinShots on the shelf this fall.