Here’s a bit of light-hearted fun from a fellow angler across the big pond. Dave Newman, U.K. pub owner and frequent fly-fisher of the River Wye, had a problem. He couldn’t wade out far enough to put his casts in the middle of the river, where he claims the biggest salmon live. Solution? Newman fired up his hot air balloon, grabbed a rod and commenced hovering mid-river to get a better shot at the heavy hitters. So did the effort pay off?


No. Although I have to give Newman serious points for creativity, he failed to catch a single fish. You can read all about it in this story from the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

I have done a few not-so-bright things in my time to get casts into what I thought was a better zone. I don’t know how many fallen trees I’ve straddled or inched along, or how many snot-slick rocks I’ve balanced upon to get a lure six feet further. But I can’t even begin to touch Newman’s endeavor. Perhaps this will become the future of fishing. Think about it…you could hover over private stretches of river without touching the bank, or troll a plug down the surf line. And a balloon offers lots of real estate for a Simms or Bass Pro logo.