About 10 years ago, when I wrote what were apparently some of the first national articles about fishing kayaks, one of the people who helped was Jon Shein. (You can read those articles here and here.) Jon was, even back then, an avid kayak angler. Now he’s evolved as a genuine expert, which is happily reflected in his new book, “Kayak Fishing.”

I know many readers here go kayak fishing at least occasionally, and just as many have at least thought about it. Shein’s book covers all the basics and then some — from how to choose a kayak suited to your own fishing needs to all the details of rigging these small boats once you get one.

Need to install rod holders? Add electronics? Want to rig an anchor or modify a hatch cover? Happily, this is the kayak-fishing answer book. Yes, you could surf the Web and eventually find most of these details, but that would take weeks of sorting wheat from the abundant chaff. In 210 large-format pages, Shein makes it easy. At $29.99, I think it’s a bargain.

Shein used to be one of the principals of a website called Kayak Fishing Stuff, where I used to buy accessories and glean information. He and his partners sold that site a few years ago and have started another: It’s a great place for both novice and experienced kayakers to get the latest skinny on kayak fishing. For the meat of the matter, though, you’ll still need the book, which is available through the same website. Happy paddling!