Breaking News: Possible New All-Tackle World-Record  Striped Bass Falls in CT (Keep Clicking for Updates!)

Though details are still slowly getting pieced together, the striper world has been turned upside down over the last few hours with Internet reports of an 81.88-pound striped bass taken in Connecticut waters. Though it’s not clear yet if this is a surf fish or boat fish, caught on live eel or live porgy, angler Al Stromski Greg Myerson may have just landed what I’d argue is the most coveted saltwater fish record.


Al McReynolds’ 78.8-pound record, caught in Atlantic City, NJ, has stood since 1982. Though many anglers have come close to that mark, it has yet to be topped. Over the years, there have also been a large amount of hoax record catches, though this time, it would seem, evidence is mounting that Stromski has legitmately toppled a record thousands have dreamed of crushing. Actually, I just got word that Stromski Myerson quickly weighed the fish and fled the scene at the tackle shop, so there is still a slight element of shadiness here. Head over to for another photo and a little more of the story. We’ll keep you posted as we get more information.

*Here’s another quick update from a credible source. Mr. Stromski Myerson is apparently being so hounded he’s had a panic attack. The fish is supposedly on ice in his truck, which is parked at the hospital where he’s in the ER. Still not knowing how legit this catch is, it just goes to show you how powerful this fish is and how crazy people are about it.

*Now one of our sources says the angler is potentially Greg Myerson, not Al Stromski. This is exactly the kind of chaos I expected when this day finally came.

*Confirmed: Greg Myerson is the angler, and we’ve tracked down his phone number. Stay tuned.

*If you’d like to keep up with the chaos, check out this ever-growing thread on Already the term “photoshopped” has popped up.

*Click here to read our exclusive interview with Myerson and see exclusive photos of the fish right after it was landed the night before.