Almost two weeks ago I asked you to tell me your best (or worst) getting hooked story. There were many entries, which did everything from make me wince, to make me laugh, to nearly make me vomit. As I’ve always found that a large portion of hooked stories become things to laugh about later, and laughter is often the best medicine (aside from Dr. Fishhook’s Hook Removal Kit, below), in the end I had to choose a winner that spun a little humor into an event that’s never humorous right at the time.


Reader -Bob wrote:

I once caught a smallmouth in the Delaware River, during a multi-day canoe trip. It thrashed a bit and in the course of doing so, managed to stick a treble into each of my forearms…creating a “Rapala handcuff”, if you will.

I couldn’t let go of the fish and let it dangle (oww), and I couldn’t pick up a paddle and go for help because my arms were stuck together. So, I yelled and waved for my friends who were a hundred yards or so upstream. Despite the screaming and frantic gestures, their response? “Yeah! Nice fish!” Idiots.

Y’know what hurts worse than yanking a treble out of your forearm? Not getting it out on the first yank…

I like this story because I can picture it happening to me, or more likley, me being the “idiot” friend that’s not getting the picture. I’m also giving -Bob extra points for the term “Rapala Handcuff.” If I ever quit my job and go back to playing punk music, that’ll be the name of my next band. Thanks to all who shared a story. -Bob, your hook removal kit will arrive shortly so this never happens again.