I’ve posted blogs in the past about removing a hook buried past the barb from your person by using fishing line. Most anglers are well aware of the technique. However, every time I’ve had to remove a hook from myself or someone else on the water, it’s a scramble. Finding line to yank the hook out is easy enough, but not many people that fish on foot carry antiseptic ointment, bandages, or rubber gloves in case things get messy. But don’t worry, Dr. Fishhook can help.


A few of Dr. Fishhook’s hook removal kits hit my desk last week. For $8, you get gloves, antibiotic ointment, a band-aid, antiseptic wipe, string specially designed to pop hooks free, and little sticky foam wraps you can use to cover the rest of the points on treble hooks if you get jabbed by a lure. There’s a DVD included on how to properly remove the hooks, too.

There are two things I like about this. One, it’s got just what you need to treat the injury anglers are most likely to inflict upon themselves or others. Two, this kit is small, flat, takes up hardly any room in a vest pocket or tackle bag, and comes in a zip-seal bag to help keep it dry. There’s always a full first aid kit on my boat or raft, but I’ve already jammed one of Dr. Fishhook’s kits in my fly chest pack and wader pocket. This is one of those items that goes in the “always good to have” category.

I also happen to have one more handy, and it could be yours. Tell me your best (or worst) getting hooked story, and I’ll send you a Dr. Fishhook kit. I’ll announce a winner on Tuesday, August 30th.