I’ve never quite understood those anglers that spend their fishing careers chasing records just for the sake of having their name in a book. The way I see it, if I catch a state- or world-record fish some day, that’s great. If I don’t, no biggie. Then along comes Mustad to make me think twice about record quests with their new Hook A Million contest.

In a press release, Mustad General Manager Tom Kurtz said: “With over 50 new state records set in the last year or so and several world records pending certification, we felt the time was right for a program that rewards these accomplishments. We all know that the next cast could be the new record, and this promotion makes it easy–anglers fish on their schedule and their waters.” Here’s how it works.

First, you register for free on Mustad’s website. Then you go fishing with Mustad hooks. If between October 1, 2011, and October 1, 2012, you land a state-record or all-tackle world-record largemouth, walleye, channel cat, redfish, seatrout, coho salmon, white crappie, striped bass, calico bass, or yellowfin tuna, you get part of a $1,400,000 pot put up by Mustad.

No doubt it’s a very smart promotion on Mustad’s part. Think about it…even if you’re not actively seeking a record, what’s the harm in using Mustad hooks just in case? Is the shot at some loot worth changing hook brands if you’re a Gamakatsu or Owner loyalist?