It’s rare that I fly fish home in my travels, but every once in a while I’ll be somewhere staring down a mess of redfish or salmon or tuna and decide heck yes, I will endure the cost and misery that often comes with getting fish on a commercial flight. The last time I did this was coming home from Alaska, and the fact that I had a total of 11 hours in the air gave me a good idea. What if before packaging the fish I sprinkled some fillets with cajun seasoning and some with teryaki so by the time I got home the meat was well seasoned and ready to cook? Well, I guess you can’t do that because the airport might call the bomb squad.


According to this story on, a big chunk of the baggage claim area at the Atlanta Airport was shut down for a while on Monday because of a suspicious piece of luggage filled with tin foil and strange leaves. The cops were called, the bomb squad was brought in, and the whole airpot went on high alert.

Turns out that the bag, which had been unclaimed on the carousel, was loaded with fish that were encased in seasoning and spices. One of the police officers interviewed in the story said that it’s not uncommon for travelers, particularly international travelers, to pack fish or beef in their luggage and use flight times to “spice it up.” Please note that this fish was in a bag, not a cooler, so I hope they were spicing it up with formaldehyde. Now that’s just nasty.