Labor Day might mark the figurative end of summer, but I always find it funny that where I live in the Northeast, Mother Nature has a habit of flicking off the summer switch immediately after Labor Day, too. I swear it could be 90 degrees every day the week before, then suddenly it’s fall. The slight nip in the air here has me itching for fish. In fact, I sadly turned down a surf trip that already produced some decent stripers for a buddy of mine. But that’s OK. There’s plenty of time, and nothing is getting me more in the mood for fall than this wicked vintage video I thought you’d enjoy. My favorite line is when the narrator says of a 20-pounder reeled in, “this will lower momma’s raised eyebrow and brighten her skeptical eye when our surfcaster stumbles home from a dawn ’til midnight campaign on the beach.” I wished sportsmen still talked like that.