If you’ve visited a fly shop in the last five years, you’ve likely noticed packs or jugs of Thingamabobbers. These colorful, goofy looking strike indicators (below, left) make great impulse buys, so they’re often near the cash register. Personally, I love them. They are, in my opinion, the best indicators around because they weigh nothing, don’t hinder casting, don’t splash loudly, and never sink. Now Thingamabobber maker WestWater Products is putting that trapped air technology into Thingamabodies. That means you can make dry flies that also never sink.


Available in 61 colors and 4 sizes, Thingamabodies feature a groove that holds the hook shank, and a design that lets you easily tie in hackle, legs, wings…whatever you want. Certainly these bodies won’t be useful in creating every dry fly pattern under the sun, but I can think of an awful lot of bugs that would benefit from a bubble body.

Where I really see Thingamabodies shining is in the dry/dropper game. If you’re going to suspend a beadhead nymph of any size, you need a pretty buoyant, bushy dry to get the job done. Then you have to worry about the dry sinking and constantly keep dressing it with floatant. But a Thingamabody could suspend just about any nymph you want to hang below it and ride the swiftest current without going under. I see lots of potential here. How about you?