Fish Tasting Radioactive Lately? This Plate Can Help

Just in time for the holidays, German designer Nils Ferber has unveiled a dinner plate that tells you how much radiation is present in your fish. So if you’re just not sure what to buy that special someone who wants to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse or WWIII, no need to thank me. Kidding aside, Ferber crafted the plate with people living in close proximity to the Fukushima disaster in mind. That’s a very here-and-now reason to own one, but according to this story on U.K. Daily Mail, Ferber believes his invention will “become an indispensable tool of survival in the future.”


Families of the future eating off radiation-detecting plates every night is a frightening thought, but you can’t deny the amazing technology built into a simple plate.

Here’s how it works: You place your raw fish on the plate and see if the LED rings around the outside light up. If the white LEDs light, it means there is radiation in your fish, but a safe level. If the red LED rings glow, you might want to consider a hamburger instead. I’m not so sure I’d use this as my daily dinner plate, but if I had one I guess I’d keep it near the fillet board on my boat for quick screenings before dropping the day’s catch in Zip-Loc bags. In case you were wondering, the radiation meter on the underside of the plate is removable, and the rest is dishwasher safe. Have a good weekend.