_ For all of you counting down to Mischief Night (19 more nights, by the way), here’s a story that will help if you’re bored with throwing toilet paper around and egging your neighbors’ houses. Leave it to college kids to finally capitalize on the similarities between catfish bait and good ol’ fashioned cow turds. From the website of WKBTX:

Texas Tech officials “strongly condemned” vandalism that targeted a Texas A&M bus before the Aggies played the Red Raiders, but said fish bait, not manure, was used in the incident…_

Before Saturday night’s game, A&M athletic director Bill Byrne said that manure went “from one end to the other” in one bus and was spread on the outside of three others.

Note that the story does not specify what kind of fish bait was used, but we anglers know, don’t we? There have been several instances where someone has rubbed me the wrong way and I thought it would be fitting to slip a couple blood and cheese nuggets under the seat of their car. I mean, if you grind that stuff into a carpet, it ain’t coming out easy. But I’ve never actually followed through. I guess I’m too nice.

Has anyone else thought about playing foul with cat bait, or better yet, actually done it?