I am writing to praise you as my heroes and express my sincere gratitude for your new Mini Line Spooler (below, $5)_, which showed up at our house the other day. Even though I know Joe can spool a reel by himself, he insists it works better when someone helps. So for years now I have been my husband’s spooler. He often springs this task on me late at night while prepping for an early morning fishing trip. Just as I get snuggled up in front of the TV he comes in and says, “Will you help me put line on this reel? It will only take a minute.” My hands came to dread this request._


Even as I write this I shudder thinking of how my fingers burn as the spool spins (she is being overly dramatic)_. I’d try to loosen my grip to reduce the pain and be scolded for not providing enough tension_ (I don’t scold, I offer constructive criticism)_. I became creative with my approach. I experimented with a variety of tools through the center of the spool looking for something that allowed it to spin freely while letting me apply as little pressure as possible to the edges. I still favor the good old fashioned pencil. I also tried a variety of protective devices, especially_ when Joe needed to wind on braided line, including garden gloves and washcloths. Alas, this chore was still uncomfortable and fight-provoking.

I am thrilled that my husband is now the owner of a Mini Line Spooler. He is finally able to spool his reels on his own and just the way he likes them (True. It accommodates multiple spool sizes, clamps easily to any rod, and lets you dial in exactly how much tension you need)_. This is a wonderful product! My hands and my marriage thank you!_

Christen Cermele