Though many of you may not know the name Jeff Kreager, if you spend any amount of time on F&, you’ve probably read comments posted by Buckhunter. Well, that’s Jeff, and he’s one of the Honest Angler’s longest followers. Jeff resides in Ohio, and as it turned out I needed a steelhead guide for a few days in the Buckeye State. Rather than Google guides and fly shops in the Cleveland area, I emailed Jeff and asked him to show my buddy Mark and I how the local steel game is played. I thought I was pretty nice to Jeff, but do you know what he did? He had the nerve to outfish me.


We put in two hard days on the Grand River with Jeff, and when I say hard I mean pounding any little seam or eddy or run that we thought could be holding a fish on miles of river. We high-sticked sucker spawn until our arms were ready to fall off. We swung streamers until our hands were cramped. The only person to connect with a chromer was Jeff.

Now you could say, considering that the steelhead run was pretty sparse, that Jeff just got lucky. You could say that his sucker spawn bounced off the nose of that fish by shear chance. But I don’t chalk up that beautiful steelhead to luck or happenstance. I think Jeff has a sixth sense for steel. A natural ability to will fish onto his hook that he saved for this trip just so he could say he outfished me. But I’m OK with that because I learned two things that are more important than catching fish. One, thanks to Jeff, I learned that Beach Cliff Fish Steaks in Louisiana Hot Sauce are now my new favorite stream-side lunch. And two, I’ve got a new friend to fish with in Ohio.

Thanks for two memorable days on the river, Jeff. Until we do it again, enjoy your bragging rights.