Considering that it’s Cyber Monday, I really hope everyone takes a break from ordering stuff on and checks on F&S today, because Kirk Deeter and I have a few of our own ideas for the holiday shopper. We’ve put together 30 of our favorite new gear items for anglers, which you can view here.

But I’m going to toss one more stocking stuffer that didn’t make the big gallery into the mix: Braids’ Drain Plug Wrench. This handy-dandy little gizmo serves multiple purposes, though its main use is for quickly unscrewing drain plugs in the bilge, live wells, or bait wells on your boat. If you do, in fact, own a boat, you know that loosening an overtightened plug can shred your hands. This gadget makes it easy, and when a plug is not in use, unscrew the cap and store it inside the floating wrench. There’s also a split ring for your boat keys, and I’ve used this tool to open the oil cap on my boat on cold mornings, turn the live-well pump valve, and even stash my truck key so I can still drive home if I accidentally drop it in the drink. For $12, it’s tough to beat.