Anyone who follows this blog or my “Hook Shots” video series knows that muskies hate me. They really do. Though I have tried repeatedly to catch one, and come very close by way of follows that didn’t turn into strikes, muskies are my bane. So when it came time to hit the trail for one last “Hook Shots” adventure in 2011, I took the easy road and decided to chase…muskies…in December. Now, you can clearly see without playing the video that at least one muskie was plucked from the Allegheny River in PA, but you’ll have to watch the episode to find out if I was the lucky angler. All I’ll tell you ahead of time is that I only rolled the dice because Red Childress, who is one of the best if not the best muskie guide in the Northeast, told me there was a chance we’d hook up. No guts, no glory. In any case, I’d like to thank you all very much for watching this season of “Hook Shots.” It’s been a blast, and I’m pumped to kick off season 4 just after the start of 2012. And of course, there’s one more “Hook Shots” episode quiz left this year, which you can take here for a chance to win some cool stuff.