How many times have you gotten skunked while watching fish breaking or sipping or cruising and thought…if I only had a gun. That wish can now be granted thanks to the fellas at Mountain View Machine & Welding. For a mere $450, you can be the proud owner of their single-shot .22 pack rifle that, with a little re-jiggering, becomes a workable fishing rod. Of course, the gun is not really intended to shoot fish, but developed as an all-around survival tool. To me it just looks like the rod that would come stock in Robo Cop or the Terminator’s arsenal.


Techie website first picked up the story, and though they offer all the specs on the rifle, they don’t say much about the rod other than it being made of carbor fiber. I did a bit more snooping and found this photo gallery of the rifle/rod. From what I gather, you can use it with fly or conventional reels, and the telescoping rod is housed inside the rifle stock. They even have photos of trout being caught on the rod. I’m sure fighting a fish on this outfit isn’t super fun, but if I was lost in the mountains, I wouldn’t mind having one along. How about you? Have a great weekend.