Apparently, as I sit here in the Northeast with a boat on dry dock, longing for May when the bluefin tuna reemerge along the coast, anglers in other parts of the world are doing a lot more catching and a lot less waiting around. Yes, it seems the last five days made up the official giant tuna week of winter, with two fish coming to the scales that have made headlines. One is a potential world-record, and the other may as well have been ripped from the pages of “The Old Man And The Sea.”


On the right in the photo is Ron Tegland straddling a yellowfin he caught off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Though the tuna has not yet been officially weighed, it’s estimated at 432-pounds. If that number happens to stick, Mr. Tegland will have bested the biggest yellowfin ever recorded. However, there are also some whispers that two anglers worked the rod, which, if true, would disqualify the catch from IGFA standing. You can read the rest of the story here.

On the left we have Mr. Andrew Card. Card was fishing all by his lonesome off Bermuda just yesterday when a massive bluefin tuna took a swipe at his trolling lure. Impressively, Card battled and landed the fish by himself. However, during the two hour fight, the local shark population also got interested in the tuna, helping themselves to the tail section of the fish. Ready for the kicker? Even with all that meat chewed away, what remained of Card’s tuna still tipped the scales at 920 pounds. Check out the full story here.

Looking at those fish I’m not sure what I want to do this weekend…get an early start sharpening the hooks on my trolling lures, or go out for a nice sushi dinner. Or both. Have a great weekend.