The title of this post is actually the slogan of Jack’s Hooks, an Ohio-based company started by Karl Beitzel. I learned of the brand from an article on, which explains how an eye surgery equipment project Beitzel was working on got parlayed into his line of hooks. These hooks don’t have a traditional eye, but rather a notch that lets you attach your line without a knot. I pulled the instructional diagram below from the company’s website, though in my opinion, it’s a tad hard to follow. But according to Beitzel, there are major advantages to his design.


First, Beitzel claims a knotless connection increases speed on the water when it comes time to change your hook. Second, he says the binding wrap gives “everyone the ability to fish without the hassle of tedious, confusing, and time consuming knots.” Third (and here’s the one I’m leery of), Beitzel’s website says the wrap is stronger than any knot.

Jack’s Hooks currently offers 8 models at $16 per pack, ranging from swimbait hooks to wide-gap worm hooks. What I couldn’t find was info on which lines are appropriate for his hooks. Will this wrap system work as well with ultra-thin superline as it will with, say, 12-pound mono? Curious to hear if you think Mr. Beitzel is on to something here, or if you’re thinking thanks very much but I’ll stick with my Palomar knot. I personally don’t think of knots as such a hassle that I’d need these hooks, but my eyesight is also still pretty good. Have a great weekend.