I’m pretty lucky in that my wife has zero interest in hosting jewelry, candle, or Tupperware parties at our house. I think she may have attended one or two, but by and large this is not her scene. If your wife or girlfriend, however, routinely boots you out of the pad for such events, maybe it’s time you send her packing and host your own little shindig. That’s the aim of New Jersey-based Chasen Tails Tackle, which sets up in-home tackle parties. No different than the ladies’ variety, just lures and reels instead of lingerie and lip balm, and Budweiser instead of apple-tinis.


Though I have no idea what brands of tackle Chasen Tail’s offers, as I understand it, the party host gets an even bigger discount than the attendees. If one of your fishing buddies books his own party during your event, you get even more money off the tackle. On top of all that, you score 10% of the gross sales from gear sold at your house. Not a bad racket.

As for the ladies in the photo above (which I grabbed from the company’s website that looks like it took 5 minutes to put together), I don’t believe they attend your tackle party. Even so, what do you think? If a similar operation popped up in your area, would you call ten friends and nuke a bowl of nacho cheese dip?