In discussing tackle bags here the other day, I mentioned a rigging box and promised a future look inside. So here’s my rigging box, as shown in the photo. It solves the problem of having all those little things that I can’t otherwise find easily stored in one place.

It’s a Plano 3600 box like the other boxes in my soft-sided tackle bag. And it’s one I use when bass fishing by boat. It’s also too cumbersome to carry when shore or kayak fishing, for which cases I also have a much smaller version of the same thing.

In either case, the point is saving time and aggravation. Used to be I’d have a little pack of hooks here, some sinkers there, and a few snaps and swivels in some other place. Trying to find them when needed was almost impossible, a situation made even worse because I am generally unrepentant in my disorganization.

Even at that, I can see this morning as I look at it that my rigging box needs work. When I’m in a hurry to change a hook or rig, things just get thrown in there willy-nilly. Most of the weights you see in there are tungsten instead of lead because I live in a partial lead-ban state. I’d use tungsten worm weights anyway, because I think they work better, but I need to sort them out as to size.

Sorting by size and style is a forthcoming chore for all those hooks, too. I most often use EWG (extra-wide-gap) hooks in fishing soft-plastics, but right now I see that I’m going to spend too much time searching for just the right one unless I straighten things out in there.

Our partial lead ban does not extend to jigheads, so the ones you see are indeed lead–both ball head and tube-lure styles. The various split shot at upper right are all non-lead.

There are also assorted snaps and swivels, bobber stops, and a few slip bobbers that come most often into use when I decide to stop bass fishing, anchor up for lunch, and toss a baited hook over the side for panfish while I’m eating a sandwich.

The point of all this is pretty simple and will substantially improve your fishing life: Put all the little things in one place. Most likely this will be a box (large or small) that suits your particular fishing needs. A little forethought now will go a long way to making your fishing more relaxing this spring.