Is This The Most Painful Painting Ever Created?

I know some faithful Honest Angler readers like to give me a hard time about posting artsy stuff. No, F&S is not turning into a Liberal Arts class, but sometimes I stumble across something too cool not to share. Take a look at the seascape in the photo below. It’s the work of Cuban artist Yoan Capote. Can you guess what medium Mr. Capote used to create this masterpiece?


Fish hooks. Capote spent six months nailing hundreds of thousands of fish hooks to plywood to create the scene. If you visit his website and read about the work, it also notes that the “artist’s blood” is another medium. I’m not sure whether that’s by design or simply unavoidable when you’re working with that many hooks.


Check out the detail shot on the left. They look like Mustad offshore and shark hooks to me. Having first-hand knowledge of just how sharp and pointy those things are, I’m both inspired by Capote’s dedication, and wincing at the same time. I also wonder how much the piece is worth…500,000 heavy-gauge hooks aren’t cheap. And that, my friends, concludes the Honest Angler’s fish-art appreciation class of the week.