As evidenced by many of your responses to my review of the Jesse James fly reel, it seems you guys just think celebrity-endorsed fishing products are the coolest and you can’t wait for more (wink). One of you even wrote, “What’s next on the ‘celebrity with ZERO outdoor experience peddling crap’ review? Kim Kardashian waders?” Sadly, no. I refuse to post my review of those waders because I think they make my butt look big. However, if you thought $300 was too much for a well-built reel with Jesse James’s name on it, check out the new fly combo and case below from Chanel. One of these jokes will set you back a cool…wait for it…$18,000.


Of course, I have not and will not be testing a Chanel fishing rod, so all I can do is give you some details per Chanel’s website. The rod is apparently 100% carbon-fiber, the case is quilted leather, and there is plenty of fly storage. As for who actually makes the rod and reel, I have no idea. Chanel has their stamp on both, but I highly doubt there’s someone turning rods and machining reels in the back of the purse factory.

According to this story on, this outfit was directly inspired by Coco Chanel, who apparently used to go on fishing dates with the Duke of Westminster when she was young. Tip of the hat to our resident vintage tackle appraiser Doctor Todd Larson for finding the story. Now, how many of you are busting out the credit card?