The other night my cell phone went ding, ding with a text message from my buddy Bill featuring the photo below. It’s a self-portrait, kinda. What you have here is a great example of what can happen when you forget your BogaGrip in the truck and hand-land a really pissed off striper with a mouthful of trebles while wade-fishing. One shake of the head, one flick of the tail, and you’re stuck, son! So what did Bill do (after taking plenty of photos for his Facebook page)?

A) Clip the hook and keep fishing
B) Vomit, clip the hook and keep fishing
C) Realize those hooks are big and thick and seek trained medical attention


If you guessed C, you’re smart, but wrong. If you guessed B, it’s funny, but he held down his lunch. Bill had already hit 3 good bass prior to this little mishap on the same giant custom plug. Clip went the hook, splash went the plug (complete with blood stains) and he nailed 4 more stripers.

I’ve seen worse hook wounds no doubt, but I’ve seen better, too. Had this been me, I don’t think I would have gone to the hospital, but I probably would have wanted to head home and take care of this one with a bottle of rubbing alcohol handy. Maybe I’m just a wimp. If you’re wondering, so far Bill exihibits no signs of lockjaw or neck stiffness. If this were your injury, would you have stayed on the bite? Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to sharpen those hooks.