And now for a little fish news from across the big pond. According to this story on the website of the Irish Times, last Saturday angler Ceri Jones was trolling a dead roach on Lough Corrib when it got slammed by a brown trout that weighed almost 24 pounds. So what, we have 40-pounders in U.S., right? True, but if Jones’ catch is certified by the Irish Specimen Fish Committee, it will become the biggest trout caught in all of Ireland since 1894…that’s 118 years. For a while stateside a few years ago, it seemed like the brown trout record fell every other month.

So what is Jones going to do now? Naturally, he’s going to have the fish mounted and hung in the local pub. If you caught a record fish, would you hang it somewhere public or shut it up in your house? I always said if I caught a record striper, I’d hang the mount at my favorite local tackle shop. His business would increase and I’d probably get free bait for life.