About a month ago I challenged you guys and gals to build a custom fly box. You may recall the video I put together when I announced this contest, in which I made a box out of an old Playboy darts case. I have never had such a hard time picking winners before. All of your entries were really clever, funny, and downright ingenius. But alas, I only have 3 Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Custom Glass Fly Rods to give away, the first of which goes to NovaScotia and the “Sneaky iPod.”

Sneaky iPod: If you are itching for a quick trout session in your local brook but don’t want to let on to your significant other that you are ditching the dishes etc, then slap on your running shoes, stuff your six-piece rod down the leg of your pants (“honey is that a mid-arbored 6-weight reel in your pocket or..”) and grab your ‘Sneaky ipod’, put the earbuds in and say”i’m off for a run.” It works all the time!


The next winner is TAM9492 for this gem…

Hidden Compartment Book Fly Box: Since your buddies don’t know you can -let alone do (sometimes)- read, your bookshelf is the perfect place to hide your top-secret fish-producing patterns. Hopefully, you visit your bookshelf enough that you won’t forget where you hid those great patterns you tied. These babies are a long process to make, but hey, who doesn’t want a hidden-compartment book fly box on the shelf?


Finally, not many anglers are going to deny a little divine intervention in their fishing. Having the big man upstairs keeping a watchful eye on your bugs can’t hurt right? Winner number three is Drakefan2010.

“In God’s Hands” Fly Box: I found this old Bible case at a garage sale and, needing a larger fly box, thought it was perfect. In the interior I placed some camo foam on one side and on the bottom of the other, since I didn’t want to cover Jesus in foam, a magnetic strip. Due to the exterior being wood I put a few coats of spar varnish on it to protect it from the elements, while allowing the wood grain to be visible.


I encourage everyone to click here and check out all the entries, and thanks to everyone that submitted. A big congrats goes out to the three winners. I promise you’ll really dig these fly rods! Keep an eye on your email inboxes, as we’ll be reaching out to get your mailing addresses.