We’ve all seen those cheesy tackle kits at K-Mart that claim to feature everything you need to catch crappies or stripers or largemouths. I’m not saying they don’t give you a good selection of worms, tubes, and jigheads, but if you were a beginner buying one of these kits, all you’d have is a lure sampling and no knowledge of what to do with it. Enter Canadian tackle manufacturer Lunkerhunt. This company recently released a series of what they’re calling Edu-Kits, and they put a unique spin on the all-in-one tackle pack.


What these Edu-Kits do is break down not just the tackle you need to get started chasing a certain species, but chasing it with a specific technique. As an example, the Panfish & Trout kit above will teach you how to fish jigs under a slip float, but they also have kits for these species that feature only the gear you need to drop-shot. The other kit shown is designed just for pitching at bass. There are 24 kits in all, some of which include tubing for bass, topwater bass, using micro spoons for trout, using swimbaits for bass, and jigging for predator species. Kits sell for $7.

The coolest part, I think, is that aside from the necessary lures, hooks, and weights, each kit features a very detailed booklet with step-by-step illustrations that teach you a bit about the habits of the target species, how to rig the lures, exactly how to fish them, and even how to properly set the hook based on the tactic at hand. In the pitching book, it explains in the final step: If you feel resistance, lose contact with your lure or feel a strike, reel in any slack line while quickly lowering your rod to the 9 o’clock position. Once at 9 o’clock, set the hook by vigorously sweeping your rod upward.

What do you think? Even though you may be a good fisherman, might you pick one up if you wanted to learn a different technique or is this just for beginners?