Appearing for one week only, direct from the Vegas strip to our ongoing vintage tackle contest, we bring you a whole troop of Miss Bobbie Bobbers. (For $5, I’ll send you the uncensored photo. Must be 18 or older). You may recall the topless mermaid lure in the contest a while back, but these ladies are showing a lot more skin. These bobbers were submitted by Robyn Kay, and a the whole box, complete with original display stand, were given to her husband for his 50th birthday. So can Miss Bobbie’s money-maker shake in some cash? Let’s find out.


No stranger to the novelty department of old tackle, Dr. Todd Larson of the The Whitefish Press and “Fishing For History” blog says:

“There have been some strange bobbers over the years, but few as odd as the “Miss Bobbie” bobber made by Air Light Products of Omaha, Nebraska. Dedicated readers of this blog will remember the company for their Air-Light Reel, which we featured in October, 2011. The lure in the shape of the topless mermaid is the item Air Light is best remembered for (in addition to the reel, they also marketed an automatic Marker Buoy and a “No Snag” bobber). A classic novelty item, the “Miss Bobbie” was a short-term hit but didn’t last long, gone from shops by the mid-1950s. Individually, the late 1940s “Miss Bobbie” bobbers sell for anywhere from $20-$50 each, depending on style, hair color, etc. As you have a dealer box, I would suspect this set would go for $400-$500. It’s a great find. To see the patent and some Air Light ads, click here.”

Four or five hundred bucks? Looks like the ladies still have it, as old as they may be. Killer find, Robyn! Thanks for sending, and enjoy the Berkley Digital Tournament Scale that’s headed your way


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