The top lure in this photo is the new FX OneTen stickbait from Megabass. Below we have the Minnow Jerkbait from new lure maker Uncle Wesley’s. What these lures have in common are some lip modifications I found pretty interesting. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the lip of the OneTen floats loosely on a hinge that allows it to rise and fall. This, according to Megabass, has two benefits. First, the lip compresses against the bottom jaw of the bait during the cast, making the lure more streamlined, thus increasing casting distance.

Second, since the lip is basically free to move where it pleases–one jerk will cause the lure to dive if the lip is fully extended downward, and the next may cause it it rise slightly if the lip closes a bit. What this is supposed to create is an erratic action that cannot be easily achieved with rod movements alone.


Megabass never fails to impress with innovative ideas. The problem with their lures is that they cost a pretty penny. Prices have not been set for the FX OneTen yet, but if I were to bet I’d say they’ll run at least $20. Uncle Wesley’s Minnow Jerkbait, on the other hand, will only cost you $10.

Based in Burlington, NJ, this industry newcomer’s jerkbait offering features a lip that can be snapped into different positions. All the way up gives you a wake bait; all the way down a deep-diver. Company owner Dan Romano says the lure helps you catch more fish simply by letting you keep a lure in the water longer. Instead of a retie, you just reset the lip based on the depth you want to target.

While I’m not a huge fan of all-in-one lures (i.e. those that convert from a popper to a crankbait with interchangeable body parts), I think the Uncle Wesley is worthy of a test before passing judgement. It’s a simple, straightforward design and makes some sense to me. Likewise, I’m really curious to see if that hinged lip of the Megabass OneTen will really make the bait dance as advertised. What do you think?