I’ll be the first to admit that of all the freshwater fishing I do, largemouth bass are not the targets as much as smallmouths or trout or crappies. That doesn’t mean, however, that I haven’t longed to get a true trophy largemouth on my list of catches. Up until my good buddy Kevin Jarnagin from Abu Garcia invited me to legendary Lake El Salto in the Mexican sierra a few weeks ago, my personal best largemouth weighed 6 pounds. At El Salto, 6 pounds isn’t a drop in the bucket. All I’ll say is that my personal best is no longer 6 pounds, though you’ll have to check out the episode to find out by exactly how much I trumped it. This was truly a dream trip in a setting like no other I’ve ever fished. If you are a largemouth fanatic, El Salto is one of those place you should wet a line before you’re fishing the big pond in the sky. Enjoy, amigos.