Anglers know that sometimes it’s the subtlest details that produce fish. Last month I was fishing a bass pond close to home and throwing Zoom Flukes. White got hit a lot. White with a clear back and silver flakes got hit more. In the water they looked almost identical to my eye, but obviously there was something in that clear back pattern that got the bass a bit more tweaked. I was thinking of this outing while looking over the new wares from Bullet Weights at ICAST last week. This January they’ll be releasing a line of painted weights with eyes (below). As simplistic as the idea may be, I’ve never seen it before, and I think it has some merit.


If you think about it, a bullet weight is really nothing but a means of getting a soft-plastic to the proper depth. So can using that weight as an extension of the lure be a bad idea? I’m a firm believer in clear, pronounced eyes on any lure. When I tie saltwater flies I always add bigger stick-on eyes than needed. When I buy hard plastics, eye size is important to me. Large eyes, I believe, can trigger more strikes than lures with small or no eyes, so I think there are certain situations, such as in stained water, when a bright bullet weight with an eye may turn more fish.

Of course, it’s just my opinion. One could easily argue that painted bullet weights aren’t necessary. What say you?