When it comes to walleye fishing, especially walleye trolling, I must admit I’m a little lost. It’s not a game I play very often, but a few weeks ago when guide and tourney angler Ross Robertson called me up and said if I was willing to ditch everything and get to Erie, PA, it was highly likely I’d catch the biggest walleye of my life, I cleared my schedule and hit the road. Now, chasing a bite regardless of species is always dodgy, but no risk, no reward. I trucked 7 hours for one day on the water with Roberston and his buddy/tournament partner Bob Henton. In that time I learned that walleye trolling is truly an art form, Bob and Ross are so ate up with walleyes I think they could use therapy, and if you want to score an ‘eye worthy of the wall, you’ve got to go deep. This was a short trip, but an awesome one. Enjoy.