Dear Sir,

I was having a really enjoyable morning last Saturday bass fishing on Table Rock Lake with my new friend and tourney angler Drew Simon. Good conversation. Nice weather. But slow fishing. So around noon Drew suggests we hitch up the boat and head to Branson to float some eggs for big trout. I was pretty jazzed up for the switch. Of course, we never got there, because you rammed Drew’s trailer so hard while we were on the water, it dented in his fender to the point that the tire wouldn’t spin. We figured this out quickly from the loud screeching and smoke when Drew threw the truck in reverse.


So per the witnesses (did they get your plates? I’ll keep you in suspense), you hit the trailer, looked at the damage, and beat feet out of there in a mad dash. You could have left Drew a note, but you opted out of that. Classy move. You went on with your day while I drove Drew 15 miles to buy the right tools to remove the tire, plus a hammer to bang out the dent. The lugs were so tight Drew had to use an old metal sign post as a cheater bar to crack them. We stripped 2 of the lugs in the process, making the task that much more difficult, and all of this work, mind you, was taking place during a vicious storm. By the time we got the trailer in good enough shape to get the boat home, it was way too late to fish.

Thanks so much for being a stand-up human being in all of this. It’s much appreciated. I wish you nothing but success in all of your future fishing endeavors.