Do you have any rods or reels kicking around the garage that you just don’t use anymore because they’re old or just no longer top of the line? I do. There is one corner where I’ve stacked the rods that have been retired because I’ve picked up newer, lighter, stronger sticks. I have reels I don’t use anymore because they were all I could afford at the time, and now I don’t trust the drags. The same thing happens with bowhunters. A bow that took plenty of deer in 1995 is suddenly old hat because the manufacturers convince you the latest, lightest, fastest model is best. The video below, however, might make you think differently. These bloke’s from Australia have recreated a circa-1920 big game adventure using gear from that era. Barring what sounds like the reel unseating momentarily, they fight a marlin as efficiently as you would with new stuff. The beginning is mildly hokey, but it’s definitely worth watching. A nod to Doc Larson over at the Fishing for History Blog for this find.