Do you know how I know summer is over? Because I can chase stripers and weakfish around NJ’s Barnegat Bay during the week now without a pack of jet-skis or the always-obnoxious cigarette speed boat ripping by at 300mph and totally screwing up my drift and quiet serenity. For you big-lake guys, you’re probably happy to see the party crowd take a hike so you can get back to serious bass, muskie, and crappie action. The problem with people who run go-fast boats is that they only know two speeds: stopped and full throttle. Take the family in the video below roaring across Lake of Ozarks just last week at mach 1 in a sporty Fountain. When you hit a big wake at ramming speed, your light speed boat no likey-likey. All you had to do was slow it down for a sec there, Cole Trickle. According to news reports, all seven people on this boat were treated for injuries. Thankfully, none of them were killed. So heal up folks, get well soon, then you can migrate to the ski lodges and rent snowboards and snow mobiles that you don’t know how operate properly either.