And yet another entry into the “Hold My Beer” file. According to this story on the website of KROTV, last Sunday, a 51-year-old gentleman decided to try a shortcut to dinner by way of taking a shot at a salmon on the Deschutes River in Oregon with a .22 rifle. Well, he missed the fish. But he did hit a rock right next to it, causing the bullet to ricochet and hit him in the head.


The man (who’s name isn’t mentioned and who declined to be interviewed) lived to tell the tale. He’s just blind in one eye now. If shooting your eye out a la “A Christmas Story” isn’t embarrassing and traumatizing enough, once he recovers he’ll have to face the music from the local sheriff’s office and Department of Fish & Wildlife. The maximum penalty for shooting a fish with a gun is one year in jail, according to the story.

That’s a tough break considering you can eat all the teriyaki salmon you want for $10 at the Old Country Buffet. Have a great (and safe) weekend.