I’ve always known that the vast network of freshwater canals and lakes in Miami were filled with peacock bass. What I didn’t know was that a) peacocks get much bigger in FL than I expected, and b) they are one of the meanest, nastiest, most explosive, hardest-fighting fish I’ve ever tangled with in freshwater. You think a smallmouth fights? Ha! A 2-pound peacock will make a 5-pound smallie feel a chub. I had the pleasure of fishing with my good friend John Frazier from Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, and local Miami guide Roger Gonzalez. Roger works for, which is South Florida’s premier largemouth and peacock outfitter, and he knows each urban creek, lake, canal, and cove like the back of his hand. John and I mostly flyfished, and I can truly say this was an epic experience. If you’ve dreamed of catching a peacock but can’t afford a trip to the Amazon, you need to see this. Enjoy the show.