Ever hear of a website called I hadn’t either until I had a long talk with Stash Karandanis, the founder of a new operation called Tackle Grab. Birchbox is a subscription-based service that the special lady in your life can sign up for to receive hand-picked beauty products in the mail every month. Karandanis, an avid angler, dug the idea and is applying it to fishing lures. When I first heard about Tackle Grab, I’ll admit I was skeptical. Are the lures from good manufacturers? Are they new lures or old stuff purchased surplus? So I called Karandanis to get the scoop and clear the airwaves. Here’s how it works:

You sign up for a subscription package, which range from $12 a month for a full year to $16 per month if you pay a month at a time. Then you fill out a detailed profile that breaks down where you fish, what you like to fish for, and you’re preferred methods, ie. topwater, worming, swimbaits and so on. Every month you’ll find a Tackle Grab box on your doorstep containing at least 3 hot, new lures, though Karandanis says there could be more. You can change your profile any time if, say, you decide you want some new trout lures instead of bass baits next month. Karandanis says Tackle Grab, which launched in July, already has 225 members, and membership continues to climb. But what intrigues me most are some of the brands you can expect to receive.

Right now Karandanis is working with 30 tackle companies, but that number is growing fast, he says. Though you’ll see names like Yo-Zuri, he’s striving to work with smaller companies that don’t have the means to market themselves on a grand scale or get their products in big-box stores. AR Lures, a Japanese company that makes beautiful (and pricey) hand-crafted wooden hardbaits, and Boag Hog Baits, which produces custom soft-plastics, jigs, and hardbaits in Massachusetts, are just a few examples.

“I’m a big fan of small tackle companies,” Karandanis told me. “There are some really great, quality lures out there, but these companies need help getting their lures in front of anglers, so we work together.”

I think this a pretty unique (and reasonably priced) way to get to play with lures from manufacturers you’ll not likely find at Bass Pro Shops. You might just stumble upon a frog or spinnerbait that kills it on your local waters and becomes a new favorite. What say you? Good idea? Makes a nice Christmas gift, too. Check out for more info.