If you’re a bass fisherman and live in an area that’s subject to a significant temperature swing during the fall months, you know two things: Fall can give up some stellar action, and it can also make the bass finicky and hard to pattern. My friend and pro bass angler Dave Wolak (below) grew up fishing in the Northeast, and to hack it here, you’d better be able to figure out a pattern fast when the temps start to drop. Dave has since applied what he knows about fall bass fishing to all parts of the country, so I asked him to write 20 questions that reflected what he thought were the most important fundamentals bass anglers should know as summer turns to fall and fall turns to winter. The answers are Dave’s as well. So kill a little time at the office this afternoon and see if your answers match his. Maybe taking this quiz will score you an extra bucketmouth or bronzeback this weekend. Click here or on the photo to start.