Shark Fishing photo

By Joe Cermele

Luckily for Australian photographer Sam Cahir, this was not actually the last shot he ever snapped. Though if you ever wondered what you’d see in the last nanosecond of your life before a mako shark turned your face into Jello, this is it. Cahir was on a recent great white tagging trip in the Indian Ocean when this mako popped up on the tuna baits, and the relatively small female put on quite a show for Cahir’s camera…which she tried to eat a few times.


You can see more of these killer photos and read the entire account on the website of the U.K.’s Daily Mail. Most interesting to me is a photo of this mako next to a huge white. I’ve never seen the two in a photo together, and Cahir says, the Mako literally browbeat away a Great White and not just any Great White Shark but a very large dominant male maybe six times her mass and twice her size – it was amazing.

If that’s not proof of the tenacity of a mako, I don’t know what is. Make sure you check out the full story.