I just returned from a few days of fishing in Miami for peacock bass. And when I say in Miami I mean in Miami. Like downtown, then to the wrong side of the tracks, then to the safer side of the tracks (“Hook Shots” episode forthcoming). Hundreds of square miles of freshwater canals cut through this tropical metropolis like aquatic roads and highways. If my guide had suddenly fallen into a coma, I don’t think I’d have been able to get back to the ramp. Now, at first glance this photo might make the fishery look uninviting. I mean let’s be honest: There’s trash in the water, there are dogs barking at you constantly, and there’s a lot more concrete than trees. For some this would be an instant turn-off. I, on the other hand, fell in love with the setting.


Yes, it’s true that part of the enjoyment of fishing comes from just being out in a quiet wilderness. There are some days when I head to mountain trout stream knowing the fishing might not be epic just because I don’t want to hear airplanes, traffic, or the TV for a while. But sometimes it’s purely about catching fish, and when the best place to catch those fish happens to be in a setting like the one in the photo, I’m all in.

How many times have you stripped a streamer through an eddy where it got inhaled by a brown trout or tossed a popper into the pads to hear that awesome clap when a largemouth crushes it? Many times, right? Now how many times have you stripped a streamer over a submerged shopping cart or thrown a popper at a half-sunk gazebo? This was by far my favorite “city fishing” experience. What was yours?