This is fact, not fiction, and it goes like this: Last September, Saskatchewan resident Karen Gwillim was driving through the town of Craven when she spied a young cormorant in a bit of a predicament. Like many other anglers, I think a cormorant in a bad predicament is a good thing, but Gwillim took pity on the bird, which had a silver digital camera hanging around its neck. She removed the camera, which had spent lots of time in the water, and the bird flew off (to eat more gamefish, no doubt). Gwillim removed the memory card, let it dry, and opened it on her computer. The pictures were intact. So did she find homemade pornography or lost pictures of grandma’s birthday party? Not hardly.

The memory card was loaded with fishing pictures. There were over 200 frames of guys holding big pike and walleyes from what Gwillim guessed was nearby Shell Lake. She posted the photos on her Facebook page but no one ever came forward. It wasn’t until just this past Tuesday, when Gwillim was interviewed on a talk show, that Frank Resendes called the station and said he was one of the anglers in the photos and knew the camera’s owner. Apparently, the owner lost the camera while helping a buddy land a fish 8 months earlier. You can read the whole saga on the website of CBC News Saskatchewan.

So to anyone who called Frank and his friends liars about the huge walleyes and pike they swore they were catching, I’d watch your back. Have a great weekend.

For a closer look at some of the photos recovered from the camera, click here.