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Flourocarbon lines have become hugely popular over the last few years for their low stretch and near-invisibility under water. But there also a few problems, the foremost being tying a good knot. Some of the traditional knots for nylon mono don’t work as well with fluoro.

The video shows bass pro Shaw Grigsby demonstrating what he calls the absolute best knot for fluorocarbon. He doesn’t give it a name. I’d call it a double-line Duncan loop. In any case, I used it over the summer in bass fishing and found it easy to tie and very reliable.

For a long time, I used a fluoro leader tied to various braided lines (with back-to-back uniknots). This year I pretty much switched to a full-fluoro line for all underwater lure applications. Because fluoro sinks so readily it doesn’t work well for topwaters, for which nylon mono is still a better choice.

Presumably some of you are also well into fluorocarbon lines by now. So I’d like to know what knots you prefer. Palomar? Improved clinch? Or something else…