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By Joe Cermele

Maybe you are the best bass fisherman on your home lake, or the slickest flycaster on the local river, but have you ever thought about how your ability would stack up if all your gear went bye-bye and you had to catch fish to live? In the video below, an apparent homeless man is using stones to knock out his dinner on the Los Angeles River. It’s a goofy technique, but as they say, sometimes you gotta do what’cha gotta do. I guess doing what’cha gotta do also includes eating fish from the LA River, but when you’re desperate I suppose you can’t worry too much about water quality. I think that if I had to catch fish sans rod to live I could do it. I’d argue that knowledge of how fish behave is far more important than rod skills. I bet I could spear a carp in the summer when they’re eating berries close to shore, or spook a trout out of its haunt into a strategically placed fish trap. Or maybe I’m delusional I’d starve. How about you?